Soluzioni di e-commerce per rivenditori, VAR e MSP Nuvias Group e servizio di confronto nel mercato per trovare gli stock in distribuzione.

  • E-Sourcing Ricerca in tutti gli stock Nuvias Group del nostro sito e molti altri
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  • E-commerce Possibilità di vendere i prodotti Nuvias Group nel tuo negozio online – Opzione Magento disponibile
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  • E-procurement Ordini automatici da Nuvias Group tramite XML, EDI e API
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  • Piattaforma di e-commerce B2B Una soluzione completa per rivenditori IT B2B
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Nuvious is the result of a sound decision to take a new direction in software design. The idea was to shape and execute brilliantly-designed programs without sacrificing a sense of esthetic and usability. In short, we believe in the marriage of form and function to create products and services that we are proud to offer to our clients.

When the company started a few years ago in Washington D.C, our core concept helped set us apart and a growing list of customers would experience the “ Nuvious Way “. Our passion and unique style translated to incredible results when providing fantastic custom programs for businesses across America. To us, accountability and education are foundation of our winning formula.

What makes Nuvious different?
Once a client, always a client – We don’t just sell services here, we build relationships. Working alongside our clients doesn’t end when the job is done, we have a responsibility to ensure that each of our clients is well-served even after our work is done. That’s the secret behind the high rate of repeat business with our valued customers.

The culture of good business – Our work environment is geared to nurturing the success of each individual employee at Nuvious. We encourage growth and creativity, and we hire selectively to ensure that we don’t just have co-workers, we have a team.

Open door policy – whether it’s with our clients or within our own team, communication is success. We offer our customers complete transparency and open communication while working with them on projects. This means our end result respects the ever-changing demands of creating successful programs to integrate into company infrastructures.

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